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Banner Signs Assist in Recruitment

My brother is a Human Resources professional at a globally recognized company located in Charleston, South Carolina. Even through a tough economy, his company kept on growing, and they often need to hire many new employees at the same time to help manage new business as it's acquired.

There are many methods of employee recruitment including placing newspaper ads and listings on career websites such as and But my brother and his organization are very selective when selecting new employees, and often needed to run these ads for long periods of time before finding the perfect candidates. And let me tell you...the cost of re-running these ads was really starting to add up!

Not to mention the fact that as soon as new employees were hired for one account, they were already acquiring new business, requiring them to run more ads yet for future positions. It definitely felt like my brother's company was paying online and newspaper recruitment fees every day!

Banner Signage to the Rescue!

My brother thought for a long time and finally made the executive decision to try replacing newspaper and internet ads with a simple, inexpensive vinyl banner which would be displayed on the front of their business building. This banner would state simply: "Now Hiring: Inquire Within."

Since his business building is situated on a well-traveled road in Charleston, a large percentage of the community was sure to see this advertisement at very little cost. And what was also advantageous was that as people came into the office to inquire about the positions and apply in person, it was very easy to do a quick pre-screen for each candidate, making it more likely that more candidates chosen for a full interview would be worth their time, making the whole interview process more efficient And the greatest perk of all, is that this banner sign can be re-used time after time at no additional cost!

Custom Banners Save You Money!

After running this banner experiment, my brother learned that using a vinyl banner to recruit employees is definitely the way to go. He saved money in many ways - the banner was cheaper than other types of advertising, he invested far fewer hours into the interviewing process, and he continued to find top notch employees for his ever-growing company!

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