Custom Magnetic Signs Withstand The Elements



Car Magnetic Signs Are More Durable Than You May Think

Don't Be Fooled By The Flexibility Of Magnetic Signs

When you think of purchasing something that will go onto your car, you consider that it will be exposed to the elements and that it is something that you are depending on for advertising your business. A magnetic sign may not be the first thing that comes to mind. After all, car magnetic signs are thin, lightweight, pliable, come off your vehicle easily. How can a magnetic sign hold up? Magnetic signs are actually constructed with long term, outdoor use in mind, and just like Mighty Mouse, are a deceptively strong, though small, package of power.

And what kind of power does a magnetic sign wield? A car magnetic sign will easily get your name recognized every time you take your car for a spin, and assuming you leave the house to go about daily life, every mile you drive racks up more and more exposure for whatever you're promoting with your car magnetic sign. So don't fear the weather, the long ride, or even off roading when ordering your magnetic signs. Car magnetic signs can take whatever the road throws at them.

Are Car Magnetic Signs Weather Proof?

A product that is displayed on a vehicle has to be able to endure sun, rain, and wind. Car magnetic signs are made by printing an image onto adhesive vinyl and then applying that image onto the magnetic sign material. This adhesive vinyl is water proof, repelling the drops that will inevitably soak the car magnetic sign. And because of advances in magnetic sign making technology, digital printing ensures that the colors on your car magnetic sign don't fade, even after a couple of years of continuous outdoor exposure.

In fact, full color digital printing will not only keep the colors of your car magnetic sign in tact, it also allows you to choose any image you desire for your magnetic sign. Even digital photographs can be uploaded onto the digital printer and then grace your magnetic sign. And market research indicates that people tend to remember magnetic signs with color photographs 300% more than signs without them. And since magnetic signs receive around 130 advertising impressions for every mile of road traveled, which adds up to potentially a couple of million sightings a year, don't you want those millions of viewers to remember your car magnetic sign?

Not only are photographs more memorable on magnetic signs, but the clarity of digital photographs also remains clear when transferred onto car magnetic signs - even when enlarged. And these images are all protected from the elements because of the amazing durability of car magnetic signs.

Will Long Term Use Of My Magnetic Sign Cause Damage To My Car?

You not only want your car magnetic sign to last, but your car to endure whatever the magnetic sign gives it! You can relax on both counts. Magnetic signs can indeed cause scratching to cars, and sometimes they will leave a residual rust stain, but that doesn't have to be the case. In fact, ordering car magnetic signs from a high quality sign company practically guarantees that you won't have this problem. The reason for that is that experienced sign shops that want to give their clients the best service available sell magnetic signs bonded with a thin film known as ScratchGuard. ScratchGuard is simply bonded to the magnetic material and protects any surface from being scratched or stained by traces of rust left by the magnetic sign.

You do need to be sure to ask for ScratchGuard to make sure that your sign company uses it - not all do. Also, this is a good reason to custom order your car magnetic signs rather than pick them up pre-made from a retail store - you just don't know the production process, and it's always smart to know what goes onto your car before placing it there. Paying a little extra for a quality car magnetic sign is a lot more palatable than shelling out for a new paint job.

Order Magnetic Signs With Confidence

When you order car magnetic signs, you are ordering an affordable, effective product that will give you literally miles upon miles of service in return. And the beauty of car magnetic signs is that they are so easy and inexpensive, that ordering more when the time comes won't break your budget. Magnetic signs are rated for three years, even in the outdoors, and they are water and weather proof. Digital printing allows any image to go onto your magnetic sign, and the quality of the image will last as long as the magnetic sign itself. Finally, magnetic signs will not cause damage to your car if they are first bonded with ScratchGuard.

So do yourself and your business a favor, and order a car magnetic sign today!

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