Graphics On Custom Business Signs Promote Recall




The Right Graphics On Custom Business Signs Speak As Loudly As The Words

Effective Custom Business Signs Use Graphics To Provoke Memory

Painted on the side of a brick building in historic Charleston, South Carolina, is the Charleston Hat Man. The Hat Man is a cute depiction of a male figure completely constructed of and dressed in different styles of hats. From his facial features to his fingers and fancy clothes, nothing on the Hat Man is anything less than a fine cap of some sort. I don't know how long the Hat Man has graced that building, but he does bear some recent (in Charleston terms, that could mean anything!) historical significance. Rumor has it that his likeness once sold hats in a fine store on that corner - what a successful custom business sign that was! So successful that it endures even today as a local landmark, long after the business his custom sign once represented has long been gone.

In fact, we down here don't even think of the Charleston Hat Man as having been created by a business or even his artist. He has so much personality that he stands on his own merit. Former customers of his shop probably didn't even refer to the true name of the store - they just pointed people to the brilliant custom business sign for his services. Your own custom business sign can reap this kind of success with the right graphic design. Just think of an attention grabbing logo that represents your business or service, and remember that putting your personality into your custom business sign gives it personality in return. And that personality is ultimately what people - potential customers - remember.

Your Custom Business Sign Graphics Can Be Simple

The Hat Man is very intricate in his design, a true work of a talented graphic artist. You, too, can consult the services of a professional graphic artist, as high quality sign shops usually employ an artistic team for help in design. But you probably have already thought of a few good ideas yourself. Remember that custom business signs don't have to be as elaborate as the Hat Man - think of Nike's logo. One glance at that 'swoosh' and you're already thinking of your next pair of running shoes, aren't you? Just make sure that any graphics that go onto your custom business sign are easily deciphered - you don't want people scratching their heads at a poorly executed image. True story: I once thought a graphic on a custom business sign for a ballet studio was a pair of deer antlers. Don't ask me how, but I thought this for a long time. It wasn't a deer; it was a ballerina en pointe.

Also, be sure your graphics are large enough to be seen from a distance on your custom sign, especially if it involves details. Your goal is to have potential customers recognize your 'brand' with one glance of an image from your custom business sign. That way, if they see that same image on a shopping bag or in a news print ad, without having to read the fine print, they will know what that image represents - your business.

There's a children's boutique where I live called The Pink Crocodile. On its custom business sign and all over its merchandising is guess what? You got it - a black kangaroo. Kidding! Of course, it's a pink crocodile, and it's immediately recognizable to anyone who lives in our area, thanks to a clever name and graphic design on the owner's custom business sign.

So what graphic symbol will you use for your custom business sign? Kind of fun to think about, isn't it?

Color Photographs Make For Memorable Custom Business Signs

You're not limited to graphic designs to make your custom sign stand out. Thanks to full color digital printing, anything can be transferred onto a custom business sign, including digital photographs. Not only that, but market research has proven that people remember custom business signs with color photographs 300% more than they do signs without them.

So if you have a photograph you would like to use for your custom business sign, then your sign professional can make it happen for you. And don't worry about the clarity of the photograph once it is magnified for your custom sign - the digital printer maintains the photograph's high resolution and vivid colors. You will be truly impressed with the results!

Create A Lasting Image With A Unique Graphic On Your Custom Business Sign

While your graphics on your own custom sign may or may not last for another generation, a well designed, clear graphic can represent your business as well as any words can simply by invoking memory. Just ask the Charleston Hat Man.

Tips for Effective Graphics for Your Custom Signage and Business Signs!

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