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Custom Signs Are A First Amendment Right

Express Yourself Freely With A Custom Sign

I have a neighbor who has a custom aluminum yard sign in his front yard at all times. No, he's not having a garage sale or trying to sell his home in this crazy housing market. His custom sign actually lists the Ten Commandments, of all things. This custom sign is not only a reflection of his beliefs but an expression of something he can't display just anywhere. Does anyone stop to read his custom sign? Probably not word for word, as there are a lot of words in the Ten Commandments and he lives on a busy road. His white lettering on a dark green background gets attention and the large lettering at the top stating, "The Ten Commandments" is really all anyone needs to see to know how this man feels, which is his point. And the beauty of this custom sign is that this neighbor has the full protection of the law in displaying it.

Everyone in town knows this man for his custom sign, which is exactly how he wants it. There is another woman in town who has 'God Bless America' printed onto a cardboard sign and posted on her fence. She also has a similar custom sign hanging in a window of the retail business she owns. Can anyone stop her from hanging her custom signs? Would anybody want to? Her custom signage is all modestly displayed on her own property.

I bet you've seen similar custom signs of personal expression, if not in someone's yard, then on cars, t-shirts, even billboards. If you're not shy about stating your beliefs, then a custom sign is a fun way of drawing attention to the things that are important to you.

Custom Signs Of Expression Can Be Subtle

Maybe you're not interested in displaying a custom sign in your front yard or business window stating your beliefs, but you do want others to know that your thoughts are to be counted. I see custom magnetic car signs everyday that say 'Support Our Troops', 'Support Alzheimer's Research', or similar custom magnetic car signs that get your personal message across in a smaller, yet equally effective way. For example, let's say you agree with my neighbor and his "Ten Commandments" sign, but don't want one of your own in your yard. Imagine a simple custom magnetic car sign that simply says, "The Ten Commandments" in white lettering on a dark color. Your custom sign on your car would have the same effect as the man's yard sign in stating your beliefs, only a custom car sign is likely to get more visibility. Simple, subtle, effective.

Do you support a cause or political candidate that is virtually unknown in your area and you want to change that with your custom car sign or other type of custom sign? Don't feel like you are stuck with the custom signs you see already available for purchase. Create your own custom sign, much like my two neighbors did. It is an inexpensive way of getting your message across, and when other people see your custom sign, they will be generally curious about it and may invite an opportunity for you discuss your beliefs with them.

How Do I Create A Custom Sign?

The production of custom signs has never been easier or more cost efficient. Thanks to the marvels of full color digital printing, any image you can create can be printed onto adhesive material and bonded onto your custom sign, be it an aluminum yard sign, a vinyl banner sign, or a custom magnetic car sign. Even full color digital photographs can be transferred onto your custom sign, and the quality is amazing. And market research has proven over and over that custom signs bearing full color photographs get more attention and a higher rate of memory than other styles of custom signs.

Simply contact a high quality sign company and let the professionals know what kind of custom sign you're interested in ordering. Digital printing also has reduced the labor costs of sign making, so ordering a custom sign is more affordable than you might think. And getting what you want for less is a statement that everyone can believe in!

Like The First Amendment, Custom Signs Are Here To Stay

Aren't you glad that no one can stop you from expressing yourself with a custom sign? Whether displayed in your yard, window, or car, whether you are promoting a political candidate or simply stating your thoughts, nothing says it better and for longer than a custom sign. So celebrate your freedoms by creating a custom sign that speaks for you!

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