How Can You Impact Customers With A Custom Business Sign?




A Good Custom Restaurant and Business Signs Can Make You Hungry!

Yes, Custom Business and Restaurant Signs Have More Power Over Us Than You Think


I, like many other people, overindulged a bit over the holidays. I ate my weight in party food and have been afraid to get on the scale ever since. So, again, like many other people, I am trying to refrain from eating anything I see with wild abandon, at least until the next party. I was doing pretty well for the first couple of days until I was ruthlessly manipulated by none other than a persuasive custom business sign. How is this, you ask? Well, I can ignore many things, but a larger than life custom business sign featuring a photograph of a flame-broiled hamburger with tomatoes and lettuce? My will was broken!

I turned my car straight into the restaurant and ordered a "whatever you are currently advertising." True story. And was it worth it? Well, I still haven't stepped onto the scale, but I enjoyed every bite of that hamburger. And it was definitely worth it to the restaurant, which helped pay its advertising bill with the money from my order. So, see how powerful a good custom business sign can be? It can actually cause me to break my diet and spend my money in the process. Of course, I can't blame it all on the delicious looking custom business sign, but that juicy hamburger sure didn't help!

So, What Makes A Custom Business Sign So Powerful?

A lot of ingredients, if you will, go into the recipe of good custom signage. However, different custom signs have different initial goals. For a restaurant, the goal of the custom business sign is to make motorists do just what I did - make a u-turn into the parking lot and patronize the business. In order to achieve this goal, the restaurant needs more than words or an illustration on its custom business sign. It needs a bold, mouth-watering full-color photograph. Why a photograph? This particular restaurant sells fast food, making it a little different than other types of sit-down restaurants, which use more artistic elements in their custom business signs.

Fast food restaurants cater to impulse buyers who swing into their business, much as I did, and order whatever they happen to be in the mood for at the moment. A photograph on a custom business sign tricks our brains into thinking we are actually viewing a hamburger and not a mere picture of one. Another example is that of a popular soft drink that uses 'fresh' limes. I seriously doubt that a chef is chopping limes at the restaurant, but the photographic image that the business uses on its signs makes me not only crave the drink, but taste the lime when I finally get one. Photographs are an accessory to the power of suggestion!

Also, photographs on custom business signs have been proven with market research to be 300% more memorable than custom business signs that do not use photographs. So, even if I resisted the temptation to order a number three or drink a soda one afternoon, I might go home thinking about it and order one later that night, with an extra large lemon-lime drink!

Dine-in restaurants operate differently, of course. They want you to come in, sit down, relax, and order everything off of the menu. A more elegant custom business sign is in order for such a restaurant; thus a large photograph of a porterhouse might not be the right graphic. Instead, a dine-in restaurant may use vivid, appetite-provoking colors such as yellow and red, or it might use a stylized image of a tomato if it is an Italian restaurant. Whatever the restaurant decides, a photograph isn't the only powerful way a custom business sign persuades people. Colors and graphics on a custom business sign affect mood, an important factor to consider when designing your own custom business sign. Just thinking of the custom signs for the restaurants in my area is making me want to dine out tonight!

Any Type Of Custom Business Sign Can Unlock Your Business Power

I don't mean that just any custom business sign design can unlock the power of persuasion. It does not matter if your business is a restaurant, a bike repair shop, or a doctor's office; with the right mood and graphics, your custom business sign can lure people into your business if not the first day they notice your custom sign, then definitely in the future. So think of colors (warm, cool) and images (photographs, artwork) that will attract and retain attention, and you are on your way to creating a powerful custom business sign. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going out for a hamburger...