Custom Aluminum Signs Are Available In Many Colors



What Color Are Aluminum Signs?

Aluminum Signs Contain A Full Spectrum Of Possibilities

The word 'aluminum' conjures up the image of a thin, silvery, light weight metal, because that's essentially what it is. However, aluminum signs, though they are thin, light in weight, and obviously metallic, don't always have to be silver. In fact, they seldom are. Factories that produce aluminum sheets for custom aluminum signs actually make sheets of aluminum in a variety of colors, including black, yellow, green, blue, orange, and red, in addition to a few metallic colors. So the background of your aluminum sign can have an authentic metal surface while boasting a vivid color of interest.

Don't see the color you want for your aluminum sign on the list? When you order a custom aluminum sign from a high quality sign shop, you should only be made aware of the possibilities, not the limitations. There are other ways of getting the color of aluminum sign you want - and anything else you may want on your aluminum sign, as well. Your only job as the client is to let your sign professional know what it is you're interested in displaying on your custom aluminum sign. You have the options of either designing the aluminum sign yourself or consulting with a graphic designer, as quality sign companies generally employ a talented team of artists.

So go ahead and envision a rainbow of possibilities with your aluminum sign. Nothing is stopping you from making it happen.

Aluminum Signs Can Be Made Into The Size and Shape You Want

Not all aluminum sheeting is alike. For example, because the aluminum sheets are used to make aluminum signs of different sizes and for different purposes, they come in different gauges of thickness. The thinnest gauge of aluminum sheeting is .040" thick. Aluminum signs of this gauge are used for smaller signs, such as standard 18" x 24" aluminum signs. Real estate signs often fall into this category. Factories make aluminum sheeting in the colors listed above only in this gauge, however. Other custom aluminum signs popular in this thickness category are wall mounted signs up to 2' x 4' or even 4' x 10' in some cases, though larger aluminum signs in .040" thickness need to be especially secured flat against a wall to prevent bending and warping.

If you need a larger aluminum sign, some sheets also come in .063" and .080", the thickest available. Most road signs you would see along the interstate are aluminum signs of .080" thickness. These types of aluminum signs are often mounted on posts or along a surface with sturdy hardware. The only factory color they come in, however, is white.

White actually makes a nice background color for an aluminum sign and allows other colors from the text and graphics to really pop out. It also avoids clashing with other colors and rarely runs the risk of preventing the other sign elements from being seen. White is an extremely popular choice for a background color in aluminum sheeting; which is why it is the only color available in all three thicknesses. But not all people want a white background for their aluminum signs.

If you desire aluminum signs in any thickness with background color that is not factory made, then the easy solution is to select a color from the endless pallet of colors available in adhesive vinyl. Yes, aluminum signs of a thickness greater than .040" are usually colored with vinyl, though this is not easily noticed. Take a STOP sign for instance - it is made of .08" gauge aluminum, yet is bright, brilliant red - red adhesive vinyl. Powder coating and spray painting are two other options in achieving the background color you want in your aluminum sign, so don't give up your great sign idea if it involves a great background color. Your choices are available even when the factory says they aren't!

What Color Graphics Can I Use On My Aluminum Sign?

Just like adhesive vinyl is often used for the backgrounds of many aluminum business signs, it is also used for lettering and graphics. Therefore, the same colors are available for the imagery of your sign. You may either choose cut vinyl lettering to be directly applied to the aluminum sign or full color digital printing, which allows for images to be flawlessly printed onto adhesive vinyl and then placed onto the aluminum sign. Digital printers also allow for digital photographs to be printed onto aluminum signs.

Any Color Is Available For Custom Aluminum Signs

With so many color choices available for your custom aluminum signs, it may be difficult to decide which ones you want. The good news is that there is no limit to how you can design your custom aluminum sign.

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