The Secret To Real Estate For Sale Signs

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The Secret to Real Estate For Sale Signs

Real estate signs are a big part of the sign industry. Even in these days of difficult economic times real estate signs have to be purchased in order to help advertise. Making choices about your signs are not always easy. Sometimes it is hard to decide which material to use or what type of sign will give the best impression. We're here to help try and clear up some of the questions.

How do I decide which material to use for my real estate sign?

Two of the most popular real estate sign materials are Coroplast and Aluminum. Coroplast is a corrugated plastic and Aluminum is, of course, a lightweight metal material. There are also several other less common choices. They include Masonite, polyethylene plastic, PVC plastic and Scooter board (a synthetic waterproof board).

The other materials we've listed have no greater product or economical advantage over the more common materials of aluminum and Coroplast. But decision is still not necessarily a simple one. Some sign shops have been pricing the aluminum and Coroplast signs in a way that gives an invalid impression of the value.

Are you being given a false impression in the value of your real estate signs?

There are certainly sign shops that are selling the Coroplast real estate signs for a very low price, and as a consequence the aluminum signs seem to be extremely expensive. This is an unfair impression for the consumer. Actually, the price difference between a Coroplast or aluminum sign is negligible. By making such a price difference they are devaluing the Coroplast sign and giving the perception that the aluminum metal signs are out of reach of a small business.

You might be wondering how these two signs can be similar in price if one is plastic and one is metal? The truth is that material is the only variable in the price. The amount of materials used, and the process to produce the coroplast or aluminum real estate sign are both exactly the same! Not to mention, the price difference in materials is realitively small. Even with the economy as it is now the price of aluminum has not raised significantly. Now that you know this you can start choosing which is the real value for your real estate sign.

Choosing the real value for your real estate sign

When you're buying a real estate sign there are a few factors that determine the value:

  • A sign that promotes confidence in you and your abilities
  • sign that exudes professionalism
  • sign that has "staying power" giving clients a sense of security

Looking at the two materials individually will help make the qualities of both clear.

Coroplast Real Estate Sign - Corrugated plastic - like a plastic cardboard. Waterproof. Not wind resistant. The corrugation can be seen on the sign faces from up close. The corrugation also shows on the edges of the sign. The corrugated plastic is rated for 2 years outdoors. It is less expensive than aluminum.

Aluminum Real Estate Sign - Lightweight metal with a baked on enamel coating. Waterproof. Rust resistant. Wind resistance depends on thickness chosen of aluminum. A super smooth finish as a base for professional looking metal real estate signs. Rated for 10 years outdoors.

As you can see from a side by side comparison, the true value is with the aluminum sign. For professionalism, life of the sign and the relatively inexpensivecost, aluminum is the real estate sign we would recommend.

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