Vinyl Single Rail Frame

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Vinyl Single Rail Frame
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Product Details

Our Vinyl Standard Frame sign kit includes two 4" square posts that are 8" in length, a top T-rail, a bottom standard rail, 2 standard flat caps, and all necessary hardware. As with all of our vinyl sign frame kits, this frame was designed with durability in mind with a touch of pleasant looks. There are multiple cap styles to choose from, and are listed below, that can add the perfect personal touch to your signage. Make the task of installation as easy as stirring a pot for a small additional cost with our groundbreaker stakes. Designed to aid in the install process of our 4" square vinyl frames, these stakes install 22 inches deep into the ground and 13 inches into the post itself.

Quick Tip: The prices for these sign frames is determined by the Panel Size, not the visual space of the frame - which are different. We can calculate visual space by subtracting 1.75" for the bottom T-rail and 2" for each post. This means that you lose 1.75" total from your height and 4" total from your width.

Notice: Substrate NOT Included

Product Features and Specifications

  • Made for outdoor use where appearances are important and durability is a must.
  • Choose from Standard Flat, Ball, Federation, Gothic, New England and Princeton cap styles for your frame for only $28.00 more!
  • Add our Groundbreaker Stakes,
  • designed to make the install easy as making microwave popcorn, and get the job done for only $80.00 more!
  • Choose from White or even Khaki for a small addition cost.
  • Substrate thickness 3MM (1/8IN), 6MM (1/4IN) and 12MM (1/2IN) to choose from.
  • Post Length Sizes: 6', 7', 8', 10', 12', and 14'
  • Substrate Height Sizes: 18" - 60"
  • Substrate Height Sizes: 24" - 96"

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