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It's Not Just Crows That Are Attracted To Bright Objects…

And, no, I'm not calling you or your customers crows, either! I'm merely pointing out that it is normal behavior to train the eye to follow light. It's more of a natural form of survival, actually. Think about it - on a rainy day, where do your eyes go when there's a break in the clouds? Do architects design many homes with no windows? Do potential customers notice businesses that are dark and seemingly lifeless? Clear acrylic plastic signs bring light and clarity to wherever you hang them, so let clear acrylic signs attract customers for you. 

Clear Acrylic Signs Mean A Clean, Well-Lighted Place For Business

Ernest Hemingway's short story collection titled A Clean Well Lighted Place says it all. People wanting to do any kind of business want to do so in an environment that is open, clean, well-lighted, and professional. Your custom business signage goes a very long way to establishing such an atmosphere, and clear acrylic signs are among the best for illuminating one's surroundings.

Clear acrylic, also commonly known by the brand names Plexiglas or Lucite, is a hard, durable, yet lightweight material that has a smooth and translucent appearance. Even if the room where a clear acrylic sign is hung is coated with a dark paint, the sheen glow that radiates from its glossy surface still brightens the wall on which it is displayed.

Clear acrylic signs also have a modern appearance. Even if you sell antiques, you want your customers to know that you are current on the market of your product or service. With their streamlined look, beveled edges, and simple but elegant appeal, clear acrylic signs make any type of business look not just current, but ahead of its time.

Good signage is also important in communicating with your customers and clients. Many times people don't want to be constantly accosted by people giving information or feel forced to ask when they just want to look around quietly or are in a hurry. Hanging clear acrylic signs on and around your business tell people that you are communicating with them and that you are doing so clearly.

Here is a case in point on the importance of good signage and a clean, well lighted place. I once worked in a bookstore with a good reading inventory. However, the building was historic (old), the floors were dark wood, the walls were painted a dark color, and the bookshelves were a dark green. To top it off, the signage was comprised mostly of dark, engraved wood signs hung too low. As a result, many customers could not immediately find what they needed. Think of what a difference a little light could have made in that dingy building! Clear acrylic signs alone would have said, 'Our building may be old, but our inventory is new! 

Clear Acrylic Signs Are Affordable Enough To Outfit A Business. The bookstore had many affordable options in bringing a little light into the place. Brighter, lighter paint, lighter bookcases, and several well placed clear acrylic signs. Yes, acrylic signs are affordable, as the material is inexpensive and in constant demand from businesses. And you have options in displaying your clear acrylic sign, because they can be cut down to any size or shape you need.

Smaller clear acrylic signs are often used on floors, hallways, and walls. Larger acrylic signs look nice hanging overhead, mounted against a wall or on a building. If you plan to use a clear acrylic sign outdoors, be sure to avoid displaying it in direct sunlight, as the acrylic can warp in such conditions.

However, acrylic signs are durable and long lasting, so as long as they are hung properly, and protected from extreme heat, they should suffer no damage. 

How Should Clear Acrylic Signs Be Hung To Optimize Attraction? The thing to remember about clear acrylic signs is that they're clear. This sounds obvious, I know, but often times people overlook the obvious. Because one can see directly through a clear acrylic sign, avoid hanging your sign with a liquid adhesive, double-sided tape, or anything else that would show through your sign.

Instead, mount onto a wall or other surface with screws. Most sign shops, such as ours, will include drilled holes for convenient hanging. Please specify what types of screws you will be using, and we can accommodate your needs.

Another option for hanging your clear acrylic sign is using a hardware called stand offs. Stand offs are metal brackets that go on top and bottom of your clear acrylic sign and keep it from directly touching the wall. The metal stand offs give your clear acrylic sign a premium look and also enable you to dust it from behind.

Keeping your clear acrylic sign clean is essential in maintaining its sleek, brilliant appearance. For removal of dust or fingerprints, use a very soft cloth, and avoid any abrasive material such as a paper towel or abrasive cleaners, as your acrylic sign will scratch.  

Clear Acrylic Signs Sound Like The Brightest Choice In Signage. Their high quality, sleek appearance combined with their affordability and long life span make clear acrylic signs the clearest, brightest way to illuminate your business!

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