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Meet SignMagic, Your Best Friend in Online Metal Sign Design!

It's a match made in signage heaven!

SignMagic is exactly what the name implies: You sit down with the software, having that perfect sign design in mind, and after a few minutes - badda bing, badda boom - your custom metal sign appears right on the screen! There are a few simple steps involved regarding the colors, text and graphics that make your sign unique, but that really is all it takes for you to create your very own customized metal sign.

So what is SignMagic and what does it have to do with my metal sign?

SignMagic is a gift from BestBuySigns to you. This in-house developed technology provides you with the necessary tools to design an effective look and feel for your sign - and all from the comforts of your own home and in the time that's most convenient to you! You have unlimited access to SignMagic, 24 hours a day. And when you save your design, it will be stored in our database so you'll be able to access it for days, weeks or even months after you begin designing.

And did we mention SignMagic is free for you to use? Yes, free. And not a "free if you do this or that" but a free with no obligations! How often do you hear that these days?

Now taking the first step is always the most important part of any process, and the first step in getting the metal sign you want is the design process. A metal sign does not mean that you have to settle for standard designs. With SignMagic, you can to experiment with colors, fonts, borders and more. And SignMagic is easy to use... no graphic design experience is necessary to create a successful design!

Will my design really go from the computer screen to the metal material seamlessly?

BestBuySigns is here to make sure that is exactly what happens.

As soon as you begin SignMagic you'll select the material for your sign (in this case, aluminum metal.) Once it's selected, you'll be guided through all of your options, all of which will pertain to the material you chose. That way, you won't have to worry if your design choices are applicable to metal or not.

After you confirm your design with SignMagic, it is sent to our highly skilled Art Department who inspects all details to ensure they will convey. You will then receive a certified proof for approval before your final sign order is placed. And, you are guaranteed to get the design you are promised, or BestBuySigns will fix it free of charge. (Hey look, there's that word free again!)

How long does the whole process take before I get my metal sign?

The length of design time depends on you. It can take as little as a few minutes or up to a few days, however long you choose. Since you are in the driver's seat and your files are always accessible online, you are able to determine when your design is sent to our Art Department for the final proof mock-up. And if you change your mind and see a few spots in the proof for improvement, that's no problem! We can adjust your proof until you are absolutely satisfied. Metal signs are always flexible in design!

Once you place your order, we process it in a timely manner and get it right out to your front door. Our average production time is about a week, depending on the size, shape and quantity of signs ordered. The faster you start, the quicker we can get your new metal signs shipped. So head on over to our website and launch SignMagic! It's so easy you might just catch yourself designing metal signs for more than just your business!

Our goal is to deliver the custom metal sign you want in the most efficient way possible, and SignMagic is where your metal sign design magic begins!

Custom metal signs ship FAST and FREE!