Custom Metal Sign Design Is Easy

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Getting the Perfect Metal Sign Design

It's a lot easier than you might think!

You've worked hard to make your organization stand out in a crowd, so don't you think you ought to have the custom signage to match? Considering the stress that may come with maintaining your business or organization from day to day, you can rest easy knowing that creating your metal sign is easier than most think. While you can still go to an office and sit down with a consultant to design your metal sign, there are several other alternatives around to think about when preparing to order a custom sign.

But I like sitting down with a graphic artist to produce my custom signage, can't I just do that?

Of course! Here at BestBuySigns, we take pleasure in having you in our office and walking you through the design process. You'll get to see different metal sizes, thicknesses and colors to choose what best suites you. This is especially great if it's your very first time customizing your metal signs and aren't really sure where to start.

After the materials are selected, you will be able to sit down with a member of our Art Department and collectively make your creation come to life. When setting up a consultation to come in, you will be instructed as to what digital files to bring along, such as your logo, a business card, or possibly a few rough sketches of the look you have in your mind for your new metal sign. This helps narrow down the options and makes your design process run smoothly.

Once the design for your metal sign is complete, you can take a copy of your proof home for additional consideration or you can place your order right then and there. The complete process will take less than an hour and then you'll be off and on your way, back to tend to your business.

That would be great, but I live 2,000 (or even 20) miles away!

Many of our customers do not live anywhere near our office or aren't able to stop in during the week. However, that doesn't stop them from getting the custom metal sign design they really want. We offer a unique online service called SignMagic on our website where you'll be able to go through the design process anytime, anyplace and anywhere you are able to connect to the world wide web.

With convenient 24 hour access, you'll be able to experiment with different colors, shapes and measurements for your metal sign, as well as your text, logos and graphics. Plus, we provide easy to understand video tutorials you can turn to in case you find yourself lost in the process.

The SignMagic software lets you to save any in-progress designs and come back to it when it's convenient to you. Your designs are stored in our database and are will be available for days, weeks and even months, so that you have plenty of time to make certain the metal sign you have designed is just right. When you are ready to submit your design, our Art Department puts their expertise to work, inspecting each and every last detail to ensure your metal sign design is top notch and ready for production. You can complete this process completely from the conveniences of your own home or office!

Designing my sign from my own computer is right up my alley, but I still wouldn't mind if somebody walked me through the process!

It's for people like you that BestBuySigns delivers the best of both design worlds. In addition to the self-service design option, SignMagic, we now present full-service Live Design - another service that is free of charge and comes with no obligation to buy. With Live Design you simply schedule an appointment with our graphic designer, sign into our website and answer our telephone call. You'll be able to view what our graphic artist is designing for you, right on your own computer screen, all while giving feedback as they design.

Live Design sessions take an average of 33 minutes or less (trust us, we've done our research!) and end when you have a proof of your new design. And there is no pressure to order. Live Design truly is the world's fastest way to get your metal signs professionally designed online!

Now that you know your options for getting the perfect metal sign design, the choice is yours. And rest assured, BestBuySigns will be there to answer your call no matter what you choose!

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