Custom Aluminum Metal Signs in Various Sizes

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Choosing the Perfect Size For Your Custom Metal Sign

Because Size Really Does Matter!

Big, little...does the size of your metal sign really make a difference? The answer is yes! As Goldilocks always said, the size of your metal signs should be juuust right! Some would argue the bigger, the better, but that may not always be the case for your business or organization. Your signage is a tool to compliment your company's marketing efforts, not to over shadow them. Ordering a customized metal sign allows you the opportunity to choose the size and shape that is the best fit for you and your business!

The most durable of signs, aluminum signs, are also some of the most flexible signs, when it comes to where you can display them.  From aluminum metal signs displayed in your front yard to signs mounted on the side of a building, you can hand pick the perfect size for both without losing quality or the friendly familiarity of your message. Made from the same high quality, long lasting materials, the only significant difference in your custom metal sign will lie in the size.

Why should yard signs and building signs be different sizes?

A typical outdoor yard sign is similar in size to the real estate signs you often see driving down the street...18? in height and 24? in width. These smaller signs are clearly visible because you are usually 5 to 10 feet away from them when passing. But imagine putting one of these smaller signs on the outside wall of your 12 foot tall business building and imagine if you can see it as clearly as if it were in the yard. There just a bit of difference, right?

Luckily, you can easily adjust the size of your metal sign design with just a few swift clicks of the mouse. By changing a few dimensions to a smaller sign design, you can reach a wider range of consumers without losing the look and feel of your sign. It will simply be on a larger scale. The even better news is that there's no real limit to how large your metal sign can be!

The largest single panel of aluminum produced anywhere is 6' x 12', but this is not the biggest size sign you can order. All this means is that 6' x 12' is the largest, seamless sheet of aluminum available on the market. If you need a bigger sign, two panels can be worked together, getting you the size, look and feel you desire.

But never forget, bigger is not always better, be sure you steer clear of this trap!  Instead, walk away with a prized size for your metal sign!

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