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Let Your Custom Sign Do All the Work For You

My sister is a leasing consultant for a luxurious apartment center in Charleston, South Carolina. I have always been a bit jealous, because I feel as though she works in paradise. It seems like every time I visit her at work, the sun is beaming brighter than ever. The complex has beautiful landscaping, spectacular floral arrangements and palm trees to boot. There are 2 swimming pools - including an innovative salt water pool - and a state of the arts fitness center. Plus, the team she works with is friendly and helpful as can be!

If I didn't already own a home, I'd move there in a minute. I would feel as though I was on vacation every day!

But contrary to my assumptions, my sister and her staff were having a difficult time keeping the complex even half full. And they simply couldn't figure out why! They were paying for daily commercials on the radio, had listings on all the rental websites, and posted daily on Craigslist.

Plus, it seemed like everyone who actually scheduled a tour of the facilities signed a lease, so the problem wasn't in the complex itself. It simply was a matter of spreading the word and bringing more people onto the premise. So my sister and I sat down one night for a brainstorming session and devised a plan.

And a grand plan, I hope!

Though the apartment complex is located in a very popular and convenient neighborhood, it's not very visible from the street. In fact, that is part of the appeal, as the bunch of trees that surround the facility mute outside noise and keep things nice and quiet. But these trees also hide this gem from the public eye.

Our plan for spreading the word was to purchase a custom sign and place it out along the main road that you turn off of to enter the complex. The custom sign design simply featured the complex name and a gorgeous photo of the paradise-like apartment village.

And to her delight, before she knew it, the telephones were ringing off the hook, and people were signing leases like crazy!

So why did a custom sign work so well, compared to radio ads and online postings?

With custom signs, your potential leasers are right outside your front door! We later discovered that with radio ads, even people who were planning to move in the near future were tuning out real estate advertisements if they weren't interested in living in that particular neighborhood. That is wasted advertising coverage!

And while you can specify which neighborhood you are interested in on rental websites and Craigslist, photographs and descriptions simply can't sell the way seeing the place in person can. Plus, nothing is more convenient than stopping by for a facility when you're already just outside the door.

And here's what surprised us the most: While people searching on rental websites are usually searching because they have an instant rental need, my sister suddenly had a whole new market of people touring her facility. This market was comprised of people who were not actively searching for a new place to live yet, but since they knew their current lease was running out in several months, and they knew they wanted to stay in the same neighborhood, they were motivated to check out the apartments as they were passing by the custom signage on their way out to run errands, go to work, grab a quick dinner etc.!

Now people were actually requesting rental reservations even five months in advance!

So not only is my sister fortunate enough to have a work environment similar to paradise, she's also lucky to have a job where a custom sign does all of the work!

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