Staffing Your Business: Make An Outdoor Sign Your First Hire

You might be wondering, “How can I hire a sign?” Well, technically you can’t. However, make no mistake about it, a well-designed and displayed outdoor sign works hard for you. Consider your outdoor sign a silent salesperson. It consistently tells everyone walking or driving by what you do and where you are located. If you were wise, you would value it enough to invest time and money into its development and upkeep!

Here are 6 reasons why you should make an outdoor sign your very first hire:

  1. It doesn’t cost you much – Let’s face it, manpower is expensive. Comparatively, outdoor signage is only a fraction of the cost. You may invest, on average, anywhere from $900-$1500 for your first outdoor sign. And, like a salesperson, its job is to increase brand awareness and strategically and systematically bring you business. It just doesn’t cost you nearly as much!
  2. An outdoor sign communicates well – Like your best salesman, an outdoor sign speaks loud and clear. When you spend some time developing a good marketing message, crafting a solid brand and designing appealing artwork, your sign is the perfect vehicle to effectively and consistently communicate your brand. Again, it does a great job of letting everyone know who you are and what you offer!
  3. It works around the clock – Compared to the hired help, who clocks in and clocks out 8 hours later, your outdoor signage never stops working. No matter how early in the morning or how late at night, your outdoor signage is on the job marketing for your business. It works constantly. If it is mounted in a good location and clearly visible to potential customers, your sign will work for you around the clock.
  4. It contributes to the bottom line – A well-designed sign is attractive. And, if you’ve invested in the right people to make it, that sign will do its job and attract prospects. And, not just any prospects, but the right ones. The key is getting a host of ideal customers to walk through your doors because ideal customers buy, period. And purchasing decisions directly affect your bottom line!
  5. It doesn’t need insurance – Fortunately, unlike your sales staff, you don’t have to pay to keep your outdoor sign in top condition. A good, quality sign will last for years! When you first bring it on board, make sure you select a strong, durable material – like wood or metal, a sturdy polycarbonate if it’s a lighted sign. Be sure the company you choose prints with high-quality inks, uses high-performance cast vinyl and coats the sign with premium laminates. If you insist on quality up front, you should not have to replace your sign for many years to come. You can’t get a better return on your investment!
  6. Lastly, your outdoor sign stays put and busy for years – Good news, you don’t have to keep changing or moving it! No need to find new departments or locations for it. It’s never displaced. Find the perfect place where it can be clearly seen and install it. Once it’s installed, leave it alone and let it work. You don’t even have to check back to see if it’s still there or if it’s working – again, it’s faithful. No micro-managing necessary.

The idea of “hiring an outdoor sign” is a bit tongue-and-cheek, but it’s wisdom nonetheless. A well-designed, quality sign is extremely beneficial to both new and established businesses. The leverage you get from the initial investment is unmatched over time. Invest well, and let that outdoor sign work hard for you!

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