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Say It With Signage At Home!

When a message needs to be relayed to their customers, businesses are accustomed to saying it with signage. What about at home, though? Are there messages that can be creatively communicated to your family members, guests and visitors through signage? What do you find yourself saying to your children most often? What about those who enter your home for the first time? What would you like to share?

Here are some creative ways to say it with signage around the house:

  • “Welcome to our home.” Go beyond the typical welcome mat! Using vinyl lettering on the walls or a carved wooden indoor sign in the entryway to welcome guests has become quite popular. Adding the family surname personalizes it – and leaves quite the impression on new and returning visitors!
  • “Quiet, please. The baby is sleeping.” There’s nothing more unnerving than finally getting the baby down for a nap, only for the doorbell to immediately ring and wake the baby up. Ugh! How convenient would it be to have a small sign to hang on the front door politely asking guests to enter quietly?
  • “Our family tree.” Have you ever walked up a staircase and seen beautiful photographs of the family? How wonderful would it be for the parents and each child to have an engraved sign with their name and birthdate placed above their life event pictures? It would certainly be a creative (and affordable) way to introduce guests to the family!
  • “Put Your Dishes in the Dishwasher!” How many times do moms say this every week? How about a constant reminder that the rest of the family can look at daily after a snack or dinner? Seeing it daily would serve two purposes – it would be a reminder to them, and save your breath (and sanity).
  • “Be kind. Show love.” Siblings fight in every family. Parents of young children are constantly breaking up brawls and having “family meetings” about how important it is to be kind to one another. Perhaps a sign would help – or at least be a convenient visual to refer to during the family meetings! It might be beneficial for adults to look it at once in a while, as well. Everyone could use a gentle reminder to be kind.

Signage is not limited to corporate settings. Displaying meaningful signs in your home is a really creative way to say the things that matter most. Consider the messages you’d want to communicate to your friends and family. Identify the ones that would make the most impact, and then say it with signage!

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