5 Custom Signs Perfect for Top-Producing Real Estate Agents

Example of Aluminum Real Estate Sign

Custom signs are great lead generators!

Top-producing agents are "top-producing" because they strategically look for opportunities to generate leads. The more leads they generate, the more houses they sell! Well, there are numerous ways to increase leads in real estate – one of them is by using high-quality custom signage. That one happens to be our favorite, since that's exactly what we serve up at thesignchef.com…

Here are 5 custom signs perfect for top-producing real estate agents:

  • An example of real estate listing sign Listing signs Well-designed and strategically placed listing signs with the right information can be one of the most effective lead generators for real estate agents. Like all custom signage, real estate signs are "silent salesmen" that work for you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Listing signs are well worth the time and money invested in having them custom made!
  • Custom car magnets Car magnets Using vehicle magnets is a very strategic, affordable way to reach local prospects – particularly for real estate agents commuting throughout the city all day, every day. Creatively designed car magnets are great at encouraging phone calls, web visits, and even foot traffic. And, don't worry about your paint job – ScratchGuardâ„¢ magnetic signs have a micro-thin protective film that preserves the finish on your vehicle.
  • Window Perf on a vehicle Window perf Window perf allows you to be totally creative when it comes to putting your brand on blast! These thin, laminated sheets of vinyl are often used on commercial vehicles – and they are quite beneficial for real estate agents. A full-color, eye-catching design displayed across your rear window commands a lot of attention…and doesn't impair your view. Plus, window perf is super easy to install, so you can do it yourself and save money. It is an excellent choice for giving high visibility to your brand.
  • Custom business card example Business cards Make no mistake about it, professionals are still using business cards – yes, even in the digital age. That little 2"x3.5" space is valuable real estate when used strategically. Brand it well, add high quality graphics, social media handles and contact info, but focus on your call-to-action. "Take a virtual tour online", "Download my free buyers guide", or "RSVP for our next sellers seminar" all do wonders in helping you capture more leads!
  • Custom sidewalk sign Sidewalk signs Sandwich boards (or A-frames) are popular promotional tools for restaurants, but they are also excellent for open houses and preview tours. These 2-sided outdoor sign holders pack great marketing power! Like yard signs, they direct neighborhood traffic, but take them a step further and make them dry erase, which allows you to add custom details about each house. Messages like, "Shiny, new hardwood floors" or "brand new track lighting!" are super effective at coaxing prospects inside.
  • Full color vinyl banner Bonus: Vinyl Banners Vinyl banners are effective and affordable – and they are great for open houses! Put your brand on display with a vertical banner draped down the side of the house, or a horizontal banner spread across an indoor wall. Put your name and brand in front of each prospect who walks through! Vinyl banners are lightweight and portable – simply roll and store them in a cardboard cylinder or plastic storage bag for the next open house.

Lead generation is key to a top-producer's success. Don't just stop at listing signs, pull out all the stops! Use every marketing tool you can to draw prospects into your fold – these five are excellent choices.

Custom Real Estate Sign Options

Custom signs are great for consistent lead generation!


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